Why the Polls Missed Again in 2020

Polls hinted at a “blue wave” in 2020. Instead, Democrats lost seats in the House of Representatives. What’s wrong with polling? Caroline Sutton looks at what’s changed since its heyday.

When Elections Go Wrong

The world is holding its breath today—and probably will be for days to come. Five elections have been disputed throughout US history. We’re likely headed for a sixth.

The Rage of Polish Women

Since October 22, Poland’s mass protests in response to the tightening of abortion laws have drawn the world’s attention. Melania Parzonka investigates the history of reproductive rights activism in the country, only to realize that Poland has come full circle.

Poland’s Historical Identity Crisis

The national myth advanced by Poland’s Law and Justice Party—that of a staunchly Catholic, anti-communist people—obscures the nuances and complexities of Polish history. In light of the recent crackdown on the LGBT community, Melania Parzonka demonstrates how Poland must face the truth of its past to move forward.

Anti-Immigrant Racism in the United States: American as Apple Pie

The two images could not be more incongruous: on one side, the Statue of Liberty, a beacon of light in a world of darkness. On the other, Trump’s border wall, an imposing statement in concrete saying “Keep Out…Or Else.” Justin Faulhaber explains how, too often, the nation of immigrants has built barriers instead of bridges.

Black Lives Matter & Israel-Palestine: Learning From Ralph Bunche

“I can understand you. I am also a member of a persecuted minority.” Different experiences of injustice may bring people together, but they don’t necessarily translate into complete understanding. Asher Kessler examines Ralph Bunche, the American architect of the 1947 Partition Plan for Palestine, and how his exposure to racism and work to combat it led him to identify with the struggle of the Jewish people in the quest to establish Israel.

An Angry People – Serbia In the Times of COVID-19

Last month, Serbia was host to Europe’s first demonstrations against a coronavirus curfew. Although Belgrade’s pandemic response may have been the trigger for this unrest, Vukan Markovic explains how these protests actually represented a much deeper rupture within the country’s political reality, revealing many underlying frustrations that have been brewing for years.

Race and the Second Amendment: “If Only He Had Been Armed”

In June, a St. Louis couple the internet dubbed “Ken and Karen” went viral for confronting peaceful protesters with (improperly handled) firearms. Charged with a felony, Mark and Patricia McCloskey are speaking today at the Republican National Convention. They typify a certain American phenomenon: using racialized fear to justify abuse of the right to bear arms. To understand this dynamic, Scott Wagner examines the history of one of America’s most powerful lobbying entities: the National Rifle Association.

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” – Or Will It?

In late May, the United States was confronted with 8 minutes and 46 seconds of racial violence and hatred. Our Chief Editor Victoria Jones sat down with Allen Linton, a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago, to discuss whether the George Floyd protests and corresponding social media activism represent a moment or a movement.

Why China Won’t Back Down

China is one of the world’s preeminent powers—but it wasn’t always that way. From 1839-1949, China suffered numerous defeats at the hands of imperialist powers. As Caroline Sutton demonstrates, the Chinese Communist Party uses the “century of humiliation” to cement its legitimacy and assert the nation’s sovereignty.

Mercury Rising: The Role of Climate Change in Armed Conflict

Climate change is seeping into political conversations regarding mass migration, economic consequences—or even war. Natasha Ion discusses how climate change has already contributed to conflicts in Syria and Darfur and how confronting it will be a critical component of ensuring stability in the 21st century.

A Conversation with Patrick Cockburn

Iraq and Afghanistan are still reeling from the aftershocks of the US invasions in 2003 and 2001, respectively. Monia Al-Haidary sits down with Patrick Cockburn, award-winning journalist and author of the newly-released “War In the Age of Trump,” to discuss how the failure to understand the two countries doomed the interventions.

Unmasking Chinese Censorship in the Age of COVID-19

During the initial outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese system of information control seemed to stumble—only to emerge triumphant and even more resolute shortly thereafter. Our latest piece demystifies the often misunderstood phenomenon of censorship in China.

In Case of Emergency, Break Precedent

Last week saw the most widespread protests for racial justice in the US since the Civil Rights Movement. In response, Donald Trump threatened to deploy the military to quell dissent. Our editor Scott Wagner examines previous cases of military deployment to evaluate the unprecedented nature of Trump’s declaration.

Who Paved the Way for Putin?

Should the upcoming constitutional referendum pass in Russia, it would allow Vladimir Putin to stay in presidential office for two more terms. In this article, Melania Parzonka answers the all-important question: how did Putin actually come into power?

Brexit: Northern Ireland’s Death Warrant?

Recalling the last 100 years of struggle between Republicans and Unionists in Northern Ireland, Tárlach Russell considers how Brexit may ultimately determine the fate of the only land border between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Poland, the Gulf War, and the New World Order

They say that the road to NATO is paved with good intentions. Melania Parzonka explores how Polish covert operations in the Gulf War freed Poland from the Warsaw Pact’s suffocating embrace and turned it into one of America’s most faithful allies.
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